Embroidered Graffiti

In this collection Greaves uses the traditional craft of embroidery to vandalise and graffiti everyday objects with emotive, political and thoughtful text. Fridges, doors, food and sinks become the canvases for hidden thoughts. Embroiderd Graffiti has been exhibited extensively across the UK, has been published in various books and journals and received international press and publicity including interviews on BBC Radio 4. Listen here.

Armenian Threads

Armenian Threads is an Arts Council funded and Armenian Institute supported project where Greaves explores how the threads of Armenian culture are reflected in the objects, textiles and stories passed down over generations. Inspired by her residency in Armenia and research with Manchester's Armenian community, Greaves created installations and embroidered sculptures that explore how Armenian identity has been reshaped and remoulded by movement and the passage of time. Greaves was fortunate enough to collaborate with the fantastic Armenian Artist Armenak Grigoryan in a photography and embroidery international exchange creating embroidered photographs that explore the objects important to five prolific Armenian artists. The exhibitions also featured a soundscape created in collaboration with 3rd Floor Music of sounds from her residency in Armenia and interviews with the Armenian community.

Armenian Threads has been exhibited in London at the Armenian Institutes 'Salon Mashup' and solo shows at 2022, Manchester and Salford Art Gallery.